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  • iPhone 5/5S Handlebar Mount Holder designed to accommodate handlebars up to 1" diameter and ensure positive lock and full usability of the phone during rides.

  • 9FT Dinghy. The goal was to design a light dinghy that could easily be carried from the car to the water. An innovative wheel design was incorporated at the back of the boat. Complex 3D CAD modeling was employed to achieve the desired shape, then 5 axis CNC routing was used to produce the mold pattern

  • Easy Garden plant growing system. A two compartment stacked system with a pump minimized the footprint of the growing system and the time required to water the plants.

  • Juice and Water Dispenser using 3D CAD we increased the storage volume by 50% over the previous design. Material usage was also optimized by employing a family mold design to produce the plastic componets

medical industry

  • Surgical Equipment Carrier. The medical equipment was generated in CAD, then a snap in system was used to keep all the items in place during transportation

  • Medical Emergency Tray System. The goal was to minimize the size of the container carried by the emergency crew. All the components to be carried were generated in CAD, then a family mold was used to optimize the amount of material used to produce the tray system